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Employment Visa in Mainland China

Foreigners wishing to take up employment and work in China will require an Employment Visa. Under the Chinese visa categories, such an Employment Visa is known as a Z-visa. Foreigners who will stay in China as Directors of WOFEs or Representatives of ROs can apply for an Employment Visa.

China has adopted a point based three-tiered classification system as a primary method to evaluate which candidates qualify for a work permit. The system assigns scores to each candidate based on academic background, salary level, age, time spent working in China, Chinese language proficiency, employment location, and others.

How to apply for a China Employment Visa

Step 1: The employer should apply for an employment license and invitation letter for a Z-visa.
Step 2: The employee will need to complete a medical examination at a China approved doctor in their home country. In some cases the medical exam may also be completed in China.
Step 3: Application for a Z-visa at the embassy of the applicant’s country of residence.
Step 4: Upon arrival in China, the application for a work permit can be filed.

Encore Tips

It takes usually two to three trips of the applicant to China to attend to government offices and identity and document verification procedures. 

Encore Professional Services is able to assist when applying for a China Employment Visa. Our service will endeavour to understand your individual needs. Each case is individually evaluated and advice is provided on the best options, opportunities and outcomes for you. Your case will then be processed in the optimal way for your circumstances.

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