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Encore Professional Services is an established corporate formation and business management services provider that assists startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations around the world to set-up, manage, conduct and develop their business in Asia. Based in Hong Kong, Encore has its finger on the pulse of Asia’s economic competitiveness and political environment, strong connections to the region’s business and economic development communities, and a vision of collaboration to create a more prosperous home for businesses. Through our accomplished staff and commitment to customer service, Encore has earned a reputation for excellence in Asia’s economic development community.


O U R   S T O R Y

A History Of Forward Thinking

Encore was founded in 2008 to simplify the way companies were formed, how they operated, and the way they maintained their compliance. Through the years, the dependability and inherent value of Encore’s services helped establish Hong Kong and later Singapore and Mainland China as the business hubs to numerous startups and SMEs.

Encore has since expanded its offerings to include an impressive array of enterprise-specific solutions. Our world-class service and technology enable smoother transactions, smarter knowledge-based decisions, better compliance, improved collaboration, stronger online brand protection, and more efficient management of corporate and legal data. We’ve augmented our business a great deal since 2008, but at our core, we’ve never lost sight of our primary goals: to make business easier and more profitable for our clients wherever it’s done.

In 2020, Encore Professional Services Limited became part of the Marbury Group (Marbury) following its acquisition from Compass Offices. Marbury specialises in offering tailored business solutions encompassing company secretarial and formation services, fund set-upend administration, corporate governance, payroll, HK, accounting, compliance and corporate advisory services. Encore's clients can now benefit from the wider range of business services in the Marbury portfolio spanning across numerous jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, Bermuda, BVI, Cayman Islands, London, Singapore as well as other offshore jurisdictions.


O U R   C O M M I T M E N T S

Working side by side with you

At Encore, our prime focus has always been to provide comprehensive solutions to suit client specific requirements. We are dedicated to providing quality service and timely delivery. We understand that tailor-made services are vital for client satisfaction. We assess, customise and implement a solution that is best suited to meet our clients’ goals. We strive to provide an enriching experience to all our clients with the objective of adding value to their business. We believe that our image is enhanced when our clients succeed in their business. Through the depth of our experience and breadth of our expertise we establish the quality of your experience with us.

Apart from the initial setup we identify and provide our clients additional cost saving propositions and new business opportunities. Thus, most of our clients have come to rely on us for guidance and support in their business ventures.


O U R   V A L U E S

Encore Professional Services originated with and is operated in accordance with a strong belief in a set of foundational values. These foundational values guide the way we represent and serve our clients. They also dictate the way we interact with opposing counsel and all people we come in contact. Encore’s operational decisions are made with these values in mind: A Cause, A Purpose, A Belief.


We believe in the highest level of professional service. Details are important. Results matter. We strive for excellence.


Conduct our daily operations with integrity, honor and honesty.


We highly value people and our relationships. We - Listen to you. Learn your story. Look for a way to help.


O U R   O F F I C E

Level 2, BOC Group Life Assurance Tower 134-136 Des Voeux Road Central

Level 2, BOC Group Life Assurance Tower

134-136 Des Voeux Road Central

Hong Kong

Tel : +852 2110 8659

Fax : +852 2110 4378

Email : info@encorepro.com

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